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Rechstat-Official Statistical Websites in Africa and the Middle East



*AfristatFrench, English
Economic and Statistical Observatory of Sub-Saharan Africa:
international organization grouping 18 states in the region.
Purpose: To promote statistical studies of member states
Provides key official statistics for each country, but sometimes old figures

*UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) French, English
The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) was established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) in 1958 as one of the UN's five regional commissions. ECA's mandate is to promote the economic and social development of its member States, foster intra-regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa's development.
-Annual Economic Report

*UN Economic and social  Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) English, Arabic
publications by subject or by title(PDF) with statistics

*Union africaine(UA) French, English, Portuguese, Arabic
Ezine-many reports and news releases may contain several figures

*Panafrican News AgencyEnglish
Information on-line news from Africa, where aspects economic.

*Banque Africaine de Développement French, English
77 participating countries, publications and figures on many socio-economic issues.

*Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest(BCEAO) French, English
The "statistics" contains information on monetary and financial situtation Banks of member states, prices, GDP, balance of payments

*COMESA :Common Market for Central Africa English
Data for the African states that belong to this organization.
Statistical Database of COMESA

*Commission de l'Océan Indien French
Coopératon regional body comprising: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion
Corporate Site without figures.

*Economic Community of  West African States(CEDEAO ou ECOWAS)French, English, Portuguese
Corporate Site seemingly statistics

*Institut du monde arabeFrench
cultural website

*Southern African Development Community (SADC)  English, Portuguese, French
Currently SADC has a membership of 15 Member States, namely; Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe
"The SADC Mission is to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth and socio-economic development through efficient productive systems, deeper co-operation and integration, good governance, and durable peace and security, so that the region emerges as a competitive and effective player in international relations and the world economy."
-keys documents with some statistics


  • statistiquesSouth Africa (Central Bank)English

  • Reference site on the South African economy.
    Stats OnlineEnglish
    Many figures to download presentation but a little confused
    National Treasury
    -institutional information
     -Budget national or provincial
     -publications-many: tax statistics ...
    Ministry of Education
    Numerous annual reports containing statistics
    Department of Tourism
    Annual reports containing various statistics
              Central Bank
                  Exchange Rates, Monetary Policy...
              Ministry of Education
              statistical file to download
  • statistiques AlgeriaEnglish, French, Arabic

  • National Statistics Office (NSO) data numerous, well presented and easy access.
    We can supplement with: Ministry of Finances
    -recent indicators of economic, fiscal, budget, financial statistics
    Central Bank
    see: "Statistiques monétaires"
    • statistiquesAscension Island english

    • Government
      British overseas territory
      General and tourist information
      no statistics available online
    • statistiques Palestinian AuthorityEnglish, Arabic

    • Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
      -statistics complete enough but sometimes limited numbers for many text
      -Statistical Atlas 
  • statistiques Botswana English

  • Central Statistics Office
    -full-site and easily accessible
    -statistics are presented within the text or in tables and graphs
    -some data are somewhat old
    Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
    -Budget Tables
    -Government Debt
    Central Bank
    the statistics section of the Bank of Botswana website. This aims, first and foremost, to provide easy access to a wide selection of economic and financial data. This is done through a variety of user-friendly formats including tables, charts and interactive searches.
              Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Planning french, english
    • statistiquesCameroonFrench, English

    • Institut national de statistiques-National Institute of Statistics
      Statistics that are published in this heading are classified in two groups: structural statistics and conjunctural statistics.
      Structural statistics are generally available on an annual basis and come from the NIS and other producers of statistical data in Cameroon.
      Conjunctural statistics are data that cover a period of less than 1 year (12 months). These statistics could for example by monthly, quarterly or published every six months. 
      Recent Publications
      National Archives for Data (ANADOC)
      Ministry of Finance-Directorate General of the Treasury , Financial and Monetary  Cooperation
      institutional information and event
      some figures on the program budget funding this year
      Ministry of basic education
      basic education in numbers
  • statistiquesCanary Islands Spanish

  • Canarian Institute of Statistics (ISTAC)-Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (Spain)
    Complete statistics presented by themes
     Canary Islands Tourism Observatory
    Numerous and recent statistical information
    • statistiquesCape Verde Portuguese

    • Banco de Cabo Verde
      -macro-economic key
      -Financial-specific publications to download (PDF)
      -links to Ministries of Finance and Education
      Institut national de Statistique-National Institute of Statistics Portuguese,english
      Instituto nacional de Estadistica-Statline-Portal do Sistema de Estadistica Nacional
      Precise figures in all areas, sometimes a little old
              Ministry of Finance and Planning
              accurate statistics on the budget
    • statistiquesCongo(République du)French

    • Centre national de la statistique et des études économiques
      National Center for Statistics and Economic Studies
            -General Data
            -statistics complete enough
            -new and recent surveys (population)
      Ministère des finances, du budget et du Portefeuille public (Ministry of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio)
      -situation of public debt since 2005
      -figures for oil management
      -other pages are "undergoing restructuring"
  • statistiquesCôte d'Ivoire-Ivory CoastFrench
  • National Institute of Statistics
    Cyclical and structural data in all areas but showing old or less detailed
    Ministère de l'économie et des finances (Ministry of Economy and Finance)
    -economic indicators
     -external and internal debt
      -budget,  publications
    Industry: main industrial sectors
    • statistiquesDjiboutiFrench

    • Ministère des finances
      Ministry of Finance
      Includes, among others, a page "Statistical Yearbook" provides basic indicators, the geographical and climatic, demographic, employment and services. But old figures.
                 Direction de la satistique et des études démographiques-Direction of satistics and demographic studies
              Publications: Statistically yearbook
              Geographic presentation
              Banque centrale (Central Bank)
              Monetary indicators: annual reports
              Ministère  de l'éducation nationale (Ministry of National Education)
              Annual reports containing very precise statistics
  • statistiquesDubaïEnglish, Arabic

  • Dubai Statistics Center
    Site comprehensive and current-Statistics in Spotlight-Themes-Statistical Library-Development Indicators
    Department of Finance
    News-Updates (Budget)-Publications: studies and reports
    Central Bank
    "Welcome to the website of Central Bank of United Arab Emirates on the Internet. You will find here information, data and analysis on the functions, organization and activities of the Central Bank, as well as information relating to banks and other financial institutions that fall under the supervision of the Central Bank."
    • statistiquesEgyptEnglish, Arabic

    • Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS)
      -price index, employment, trade, population
      -registration required to access other data
      Ministry of Finance English, Arabic
       Statistics numerous: tax, budget, public debt, inflation, economic indicators
       -Publications: Recent reports
      Central Bank
      monetary and financial information
    • statistiques United Arab EmiratesEnglish, Arabic
              No statistics directly accessible on line
              Central Bank arabic, english
              Ministry of Education
              Reports and Statistics: numerous annual files to download (xls or pdf format), containing very precise data in the form of tables or graphs
  • statistiquesGabonFrench

  • Direction générale de la statistique et des études économiques-Directorate General of Statistics and Economic Studies
          -indices of prices and industrial production
          -data sufficiently complete except agriculture and forest
    Ministère du budget et des comptes publics-Department of Budget and Public Accounts
    legislative or regulatory information without statistics
              statistiques Ghana english
              Ghana Statistical Service
              Central Bank
              Financial and monetary statistics
    • statistiquesGuinea-BissauPortuguese

    • National Institute of Statistics and Censuses
      Instituto Nacional de Estatistica e Censos
      -presentation of the country
      -statistics and many and recent
      statistiquesEquatorial Guinea Spanish
      General Directorate of Statistics and National Accounts
      Direccion General de Estadisticas y Cuentas nacionales
      -presentation of the country
      -fairly complete-recent data 
    • statistiquesIranEnglish, farsi

    • Statistical Centre-basic figures for the countries and regions
      -many detailed statistics tabulated
      -publications available on-line in a Database
      Ministry of economic affairs and finance
      recent news, reports, articles (few statistics)
      Central Bank
      The Bank compiles and publishes a range of monetary, financial and economic statistics. These include price indices and domestic banking statistics, series of national accounts of Iran and foreign exchange rates.
  • statistiques IsraelEnglish, Hebrew

  • Central Bureau of Statistics
    Very complete
    Most of the many statistics are available for download (pdf or xls), some pay
    Ministry of FinanceEnglish, Hebrew
    -economic overview
    -economic data->general statistics and data: monetary and fical issues...
    -publications and reports
     Central Bank
    Monetary and financial statistics
    • statistiques JordanEnglish, arabic

    • Department of Statistics
      Very comprehensive site and easy access
      Ministry of Finance
      -data center
      -main financial indicators (general budget, public debt), external and domestic debt
      Central Bank
      Statistical Database
  • statistiquesKenyaEnglish 

  • Kenya National Bureau of statistics
    -key-figures in all fields
    -download files
    -annual publications (pay)
    Ministry of Finance
    -budget since 2007
    -public debt
    -reports and publications

    Central Bank
    "The Central Bank of Kenya is responsible for formulating monetary policy to achieve and maintain price stability. The Central Bank also promotes financial stability; an effective and efficient payment, clearing and settlement system; formulates and implements foreign exchange policies; holds and manages foreign exchange reserves; issuing of currency; and is the banker for, adviser to and fiscal agent of the Government."
    Ministry of Education
    Publications with Statistics
              State Department for Industry
    Downloadable resources
    • statistiquesKoweit(Kuwait)English, arabic

    • Central Statistical Bureau
      -statistics and bulletins, studies and reports
      -fairly comprehensive statistics, but sometimes old figures
      Ministry of Finance
      legislative information
      some ancient figures on the state budget
      Central Bank
      "As you navigate through the site, you will find information related to CBK laws, instructions and regulations issued to CBK-regulated financial units operating in the State of Kuwait, Kuwaiti dinar exchange rates and its’ policy. Moreover you will have access to CBK publications (e.g. Monthly Monetary Statistics, Quarterly Statistical Bulletins, Economic Reports, Financial Stability Reports and Annual Reports). "
  • statistiquesLesothoEnglish 

  • Bureau of statistics
    - Many key indicators or productions with numbers fairly recent
    -downloadable reports (demography, agriculture, economics)-Census-publications
    Ministry of Finance
    Few statistics-old figures
    Central Bank
    • statistiquesLiban-Lebanon English, Arabic

    • Central Administration of Statistics
      A lot of information, sometimes patchy in some areas
             Ministry of Finance
             Economic Data & Statistics-Fiscal Performance-Trade Statistics-Public Finance Statistics-Public Debt Statistics-Latest Economic Indicators
             Reports & Publications
             Central Bank
             Statistics and Research

              -Recent figures-price index
              -Other statistics: old figures (employment, census, trade)
    • statistiquesMadagascar French
               Ministry of Finances and Budget french
               Customs Treasury, Taxation: The "Statistics" tab refers to the figures provided by the sites Directions
               Ministry of Education
               The "Ressources" page provides annual statistical reports
               Ministry of Industry
               institutional site without statistics
    • statistiquesMadeiraPortuguese
    • Autonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal)
      Regional Directorate of Statistics
      Statistics by subject
      Recent Publications-Annual Publications
      Cartographic Representations
    • statistiquesMalawiEnglish

    • National Statistical Office of Malawi
      -The "Atlas" provides a number of demographic, social and cultural (old figures)
      -price index
      -Database on the production and trade
      Ministry of Finance
      Reserve Bank of Malawi
      Statistics-Exchange Rates-Inflation Rates
    • statistiquesMaliFrench 

    • Institut national de la statistique-National Institute of Statistics 
      Statistics by topic
  • statistiques MoroccoFrench, English, Arabic

  • Department of Communication. 
    -Links to websites of other ministries
    Haut Commissariat au PlanFrench,English
    -The recent and accurate data in all fields
    Ministry of FinancesFrench, English, Arabic
    -Numerous documentary record very accurate
                 Central Bank of Morocco
              Bank Al-Maghrib
              Very complete site: financial and monetary data, statistics, publications ...
               Ministry of Tourism
               Key figures: precise and recent data
               Ministry of industry
               Industrial sectors with statistics

              institutional website without statistics
              Central Bank
               monetary and financial statistics
               Ministry of Agriculture french, arabic
               precise and recent agricultural statistics
              budget Documents since 2009
              Ministry  of tourism
              Annual reports to download (pdf)
    • statistiquesNigerFrench(?)
    • Institut national de la statistique-National Institute of Statistics
      -recent indicators
       -statistical yearbooks for download
       -Complete and recent figures in all fields (including the weather there!)
              Ministère de l'agriculture et de l'élevage: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock:
              recent statistical reports
  • statistiques NigeriaEnglish

  • National Bureau of Statistics
    - search by subject, to download, news, links
    -site navigation illogical and some blank documents, others with old figures
    Ministry of Finance
    Annual budget
    See also: Central Bank and Budget Office
              Federal Ministry of Education
              Nigeria digest of Education statistics
              National figures by level of education or by state of the federation
    • statistiques Oman (Sultanate of ) English, Arabic
    -indicators-statistics-publications by sectors/themes
    Central Bank
    Publications-Currency-Monetary policy
    Ministry of Education
    See "open Data": Numerous statistical pages (in Arabic only)
  • statistiquesUgandaEnglish

  • Bank of Uganda
    Texts, tables and graphs in various economic and financial
    Bureau of Statistics
    few figures
    Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Develpment
    National Budget-Economic Performance: Annuals Reports-Statistics-Publications
    Ministry of Education and Sports
    statistics page: many reports to download
  • statistiquesPalestine English, Arabic 

  • see Palestinian Authority
  • statistiquesPuntland 

  • Self-proclaimed state of N-E of Somalia
    Government-Puntland State of Somalia English, Somali
    Ministry of Planning and International cooperation
    Statistics: consumer prices index
  • statistiquesRépublique centrafricaine-Central African Republic French

  • Directorate General of Statistics and Economic and Social Studies
    - Key indicator
    -many data in tabular form in all areas (some old figures)
    -Priced publications
  • statistiquesQatar English, Arabic 

  • Qatar Statistics Authority
    Recent statistics-the form of publications for download (population and society, economy)
    Price index, GDP, foreign trade, map
    Ministry of Finance
    few statistics
    Central Bank
    Exchange Rates, Real Estate price index...
  • statistiquesRwandaEnglish

  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
          -financial statistics and customs
          -downloadable reports
    Institut national de statistiquesEnglish
    National Institute of Statistics 
    - Comprehensive data
    -figures by province
    -recent reports to download
    Central Bank
    Statistics: The statistics produced at the National Bank of Rwanda include among others the balance of payment statistics and monetary statistics.
    Ministry of education
    Publications: annual statistical reports to download
  • statistiquesSaint Helena Island English

  • Government 
    United Kingdom Overseas Territory 
    -Key informations by topics
    -Links: departments-some statistics
    -Library: documents and statistics
  • statistiquesSão Tome et Principe-Sao Tome and Principe Portuguese, french, english, spanish

  • National Institute of Statistics
    Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
    -little data
    -statistics-pages under construction
    -Publications: Census
    Ministry of Planning and Finances
    Informations-Statistics: budget
    Central Bank
    financial and monetary statistics
    Ministry of education
    site under construction sometimes inaccessible
    • statistiques SénégalFrench

    • Agence nationale de la statistique et de la démographie-National Agency of Statistics and Demography
      -Senegal in short: geographical and historical context, key indicators
      -annual and numerous trend data
      -downloadable reports
      Ministry of Economy and FinanceFrench
      Many documents on economic and financial
      Many other statistics available: price indices, industrial production ...
              Tourism statistics provided by the National Bureau of Statistics
    • statistiquesSudan English

    • Central Bureau of Statistics English, Arabic
      -population, price index, foreign trade, growth (old figures)
      -publications: some statistics to download (xls)
      Central Bank
      Exchange Rates-publications and periodicals
    • statistiquesSwaziland(Eswatini) English

    • Government: link to Central Statistical Office
      -basic figures but old
      -agriculture and employment are the most comprehensive statistical
  • statistiques Tunisia

  • Institut national de la statistique-National Institute of StatisticsFrench, English, Arabic
    -demographic and social exhaustively documented
    -economic and financial data (production, price ...)
    -Publications [recent and comprehensive data, easy access (tables, graphs, definitions)]
    Ministère de l'économie et des finances-Ministry of Economy and Finance French, Arabic
              Recent detailed budgetary statistics
              Central Bank english, french, arabic
              numerous publications: financial, monetary and economic statistics
              Ministry of Education
              Statistics of Education
              Tunisia: Ministry of Agriculture-Statistical data portal
              complete and easy-to-access site
              Ministère du tourisme (Ministry of tourism)
              Data and publications provide numerous and precise statistics
             Tunisian Industry Portal
             Industrial Statistics and Data
             Key Business Indicators
    • statistiquesZambiaEnglish

    • Central Statistical Office
      -accurate and recent classified by themes
      -monthly newsletters (PDF) provide recent figures on inflation, production, foreign trade...
      Ministry of Finance
      -data and statistics: selected economic indicators, statistics report: consumer price list, economic census, monthly bulletin
      Central Bank
      Statistics: Monetary and financial statistics, payment  system statistics, balance of payment statistics, basic statistics about Zambia
      Ministry of Industry
      institutional site without statistics
    • statistiques ZimbabweEnglish
             National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT)
             census-publications -Database Downloads
              Reserve Bank
              publications-exchange rates-inflation
              Ministry of  Primary and Secondary Education
              See Statistics Department
              Ministry of agriculture

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