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Rechstat-Official websites of Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional Sites-- States of Central America and South America-- Caribbean

Regional Sites

Association des Etats de la Caraïbe-Association of Caribbean States English, French, Spanish
Organization for Cooperation in the fields of trade, transport, tourism, natural disasters.
Trade statistics, social and economic

Central American Bank for Economic IntegrationEnglish, Spanish
Resources: Documentation center, CABEI Statistics

Carribean Community
Secretariat: institutional information
Regional Statistics
-database providing access to key statistics for each member country

Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) English, Spanish, Portuguese
Organization of the UN-Economic and social overview and synthesis-bibliography
Databases and Statistical publications

Inter American Development Bank English
Economic and social data on all countries of South America and the Caribbean on several years-ranking countries.

Mercosur Spanish, Portuguese
General information on the area of free trade. Publications: macro economic data from member countries

Pacte Andin(Comunidad Andina)Spanish, English
Common market and customs union comprising Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela. Publishes data on member countries (PDF) and common indicators

Federation of Stock Exchanges in Latin America (Fiabv)English, Spanish
Information and figures on the financial markets in the region.

UNASUR (Union of South American Nations) English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
-see the list of Member States on site
-institutional information
-statistics: See links to member countries

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) english
The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) was established in October 1983. It is the Monetary Authority for a group of eight island economies namely - Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Economic Statistics-Publications

ArgentinaEnglish, Spanish
Instituto nacional de estadistica y censo
National Institute of Statistics and Census(INDEC Web)
-statistics-news themes-census ...
-a remarkable amount of information
Ministry of EconomySpanish
many links with government websites oriented financial or economic
Central Bank
see publications and statistics
Ministry of Education
Reports and Statistics
Ministry of agriculture
Here you can find data sets related to agriculture, livestock and fishing, with the possibility of downloading them in reusable formats

Chamber of commerce
Government of Belize
Statistical Institute of Belize
Accurate and timely statistics for the main macroeconomic indicators and data demographic and social data
Ministry of Finance
Budget, debt
Search Engine for selecting documents to download
Central Bank
Rates and Statistics
Ministry of Education
statistics page: numerous and recent figures and graphs
Ministry of Agriculture
Document center
: annual reports, statistical files classified by topic

Instituto nacional de estadistica
National Institute of Statistics
Full statistics
Key indicators
latest news
database: Census 2001
Ministry of Economy and Public Finance english, spanish
Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas Públicas
See: "Economic statistics":
Macroeconomic Indicators, Social Policy, Budget, Tax Collections, Treasury Statistic, ...
Central Bank
economic and financial information

BrazilEnglish, Portuguese, Spanish
Instituto brasileiro de Geografia e estadistica (IBGE)
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics: very comprehensive site with current data-links to regional websites
Ministry of Finance-Ministério da Fazenda Portuguese
See "Estatiticas" (statistics): inflation, investment, economic indicators ...
Publications (some in English)
Banco central
complete site-see "economics and statistics"
Ministry of Industry
Numerous statistics classified by periods

Instituto nacional de estadistica
National Statistics Institute (INE).
Website extremely comprehensive and accurate in all areas.
Ministerio de Hacienda-Ministry of Finance Anglais, espagnol
See "Statistics and Indicators":
-Demographics, Industrial Sector, Central Bank...
-Indicators: Collection of General Indicators that have an effect on different aspects of Chilean Economy:
Risk Rating, Human Development Index, 1996 to 2005 Growth Rate
Central Bank
statistics database
The Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies -Odepa-
 is a centralized public service, dependent on the President of the Republic through the Ministry of Agriculture
see the tab "Estadisticas" for numerous and precise data (spanish)
Economia y industria
communication site without statistics page

ColombiaSpanish, English
Departamento administrativo nacional de estadistica(DANE)
National Administrative Department of Statistics
population, economy,society, ... 
recent reports
Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito publico-Ministry of Finance and Public Credit Spanish, English
General Budget of the Nation-Social Security
Central Bank
Data and Statistics
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Turism
Very comprehensive industry figures, classified by year

Official website of Government-provided data by department or institution:
Central Bank (Banco central)
National Institute of Statistics and Census
Instituto nacional de economia y censo (INEC)
Site comlplet and very well presented: a simple search you can download statistics
Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda) -tax figures and statistics :
relate to the central government, public debt, foreign trade -national budget
Ministry of Education

Institute for National Statistics and Census
Instituto nacional de estadistica  y censo (INEC)
Many versions of the site: a children's version (easier and more fun), one for students (access to detailed figures by region), one for researchers: many data to download.
Possibility of direct access to regional statistics
Ecuador figures (Ecuador en cifras)
 Site after the previous
 Browse by major themes, another presentation
Ministry of Finance
Fiscal and Financial Information-public debt-Recents indicators
Central Bank Spanish, English
financial and economic data
Ministry of Education Spanish
Ministry of Agriculture
public information system

Lots of recent and accurate statistics

Falkland Islands english
United Kingdom Overseas Territory
-economy: some statistics
-links: fisheries, ...

Bank of Guatemala: Monetary Policy-economic data extensive-Many indices
National Institute of Statistics Spanish
Instituto nacional de estadistica
-figures classified by themes
-data by department: geographic indicators

Mininistry of Public Finance Spanish, english
Budget Information, statistics and indicators, documents and financial reports,Public Debt
Ministry of Education Spanish
statistical yearbooks since 1991

Bank of Guyana
-financial indicators and macro-economic
-production figures
Bureau of statistics English
Bureau of statistics
-Many recent reports
-all topics (some incomplete) as files for download
Ministry of Finance English
Publications: Budget Bureau of statistics
Ministry of Education
Digest of Education Statistics: Numerous but fairly old data

French Guiana-Guyane française French
  Department and Region of French overseas
 Complete statistical record by INSEE
  Regional Council website
  -Information Administrative and institutional
  -History, Geography
  Economics-Statistics fairly numerous on the various activities

HondurasEspagnol, English
Banco central de Honduras-Central Bank
National Institute of Statistics Spanish
Instituto nacional de estadisticas(INE)-National Institute of Statistics
Complete site in all areas including demographics
Many tables in PDF

Secretariat of Finances
Finance and budget, credit and public investment
Education secretary
institutional information

MexicoEnglish, Spanish
Systema nacional de informacion estaditica y geografica (INEGI)
National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics: comprehensive-links to other sites in Mexico.
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) English, Spanish
To propose, direct and control the Federal Government’s economic policies on finances, taxes, budget, income, public debt, statistics, and geography and information, in order to consolidate a country with a qualitative, fair, inclusive and sustainable economic growth that can strengthen all Mexicans’ well-being.
Timely Public Finances and Public Debt Statistics 
Public Credit
Central Bank
statistics section
Undersecretariat of  Middle Education
Statistics: Main figures of the National Educational System 2012-2013(pdf)
Annuaire statistique de la production agricole (SIAP): moteur de recherche par entité administrative, productions...

Central Bank 
National Institute of Information Development
Instituto Nacional de Informacion de Desarollo(INIDE)
-complete and well presented
-climatic and geographical indications-publications-
often old statistics
Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito publico
Documents: Budget statistics

Panama Spanish
Institute of Statistics and Census
Instituto de Estadistica y Censo
-Many well-classified statistics, accurate and timely for download in PDF and XLS
-see also Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas -Ministry of Economy and Finance
Many information: public debt, economic and social statistics ...
National Bank
Private bank benefiting from certain prerogatives of a central bank (dollarized financial system)
Some numbers
Ministry of Education
Educational Statistics
Ministry of Industry
communication site - no statistics page

General Bureau of Statistics, ratings, and Census
Direccion general de Estadistica, Enquestas, y Censo
-socio-economic indicators recently
Ministry of Finances Spanish
-information and financial statistics
Central Bank
Financial indicators-economic statistics
Ministry of Education
Statistics System of the Ministry of Education and Sciences

Precise data by level and by region

National Institute of Statistics and Informatics
Instituto Nacional de estadistica y Informatica
-page entry permits to move
-Web del INEI refers to general statistical portal
-provides the complete and timely data in all fields
Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru Spanish, English (short version)
describes the services offered by the Ministry and contains important information about the economy of Peru and others related to the tax policies, finance, debt, budget, and treasury.
Central Reserve Bank Spanish, English
Ministry of Agriculture
agricultural statistics portal
: productions, trade, regional data ...

Salvador (El) Spanish
Directorate General of Statistics and Censuses
Direccion general de Estadistica y Censo
-contains essential data
Ministerio de Hacienda-Ministry of Finance
-the institutional information
-Statistics regarding the budget, taxation, customs
Central Bank
financial and economic statistics

Suriname Dutch, English
Central Bank
Summary Financial Figures
General Bureau of Statistics Dutch, English(?)
Algemeen Bureau Woor de Statistiek in Suriname
-bilingual list of priced publications
-not online statistics except the price index and population
Ministry of Finance-Ministerie van Financien Dutch
no statistics

National Institute of Statistics
Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
most data available for download in multiple formats
Ministry of Economy and FinanceSpanish, english
economic information: public sector statistics
Central Bank spanish, english
Statistics: "
This section includes information related to a wide range of indicators, data and statistics compiled and published by the CBU.  It includes information on Money and Credit, the Financial System, National Accounts, and the Foreign Sector. "
Ministry of Education
Statistics: Lots of files to download (PDF), containing a lot of data
Ministry of Agriculture
Data and Statistics

Ministry of Industry
Indicators of various very precise and recent productions

National Institute of Statistics and Informatics
Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
site-very well presented and easy access
Full-economic data
social and demographic data accurate and recent
Ministry of Planning and Finance
-statistical information (tax, budget, debt,...)
-economic indicators provided by the Central Bank
-social indicators
Ministtry of Industry
Lots of pictures and no numbers!

Anguilla English
Statistics Unit
Balance of payments, price index, foreign trade, employment ... in the form of annual publications
but sometimes old figures
Statistics of Industries(Business Statistics)
data to download

Curaçao English
Central Bureau of Statistics
-Accurate and recent data in all fields
-Publications-many (some to download) in English
Central Bank (Central Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten)
Statistics page
The Central Bank of Curaçao in Sint Maarten collects, compiles and presents economic and financial data on Curaçao and Sint Maarten. The statistical tables are divided into five categories, namely: (i) the balance of payments; (ii) international investment position; (iii) monetary and financial; (iv) public finances; and (v) real sector. In addition, selected data from these categories are combined in several key figures publications. In addition, some snapshots of specific data are included under "Other Statistical Indicators".

Central Bureau of Statistics
-complete statistics classified by themes referring to downloadable files
-tables and graphics for the most recent data
-List of publications

Bahamas English
Government Site-Department of Finance-Central Bank
-statistics for tourism and investment
-navigate not easy for poor results (dead links, redirects ...)

Ministry of Finance
Many statistics on national budgets and tax systems
Department of Statistics
"To be the leading resource center and provider of high quality statistics, easily accessible to our clients, and responsive to their needs.To be the leading resource center and provider of high quality statistics, easily accessible to our clients, and responsive to their needs."
Central Bank

The Bank, via the Research Department compiles and publishes a range of monetary and financial statistics. These include domestic banking statistics, specifically money and credit aggregates and movements in external reserves.
The Bank also publishes an Annual Report, Quarterly Statistical Digest, Quarterly Economic Review and Monthly Monetary Economic and Financial Developments. These publications can be found on the website under the section for Publications.
Ministry of Education
Annual Report: chapter (1) furnishes readers with a statistical snapshot of the Bahamian school system. The data presented herein offers a context to appropriate the current status and needs of education within The Bahamas. Data pertaining to schools, students, teachers and administrators are organized by district, school type, school level and sex.

Barbados English
The Central Bank of Barbados
-economic indicators
-Budget and Finance
Barbados Statistical Service
Publications: turism, trade, prices
Ministry of Education
Publications: statistical reports

Bermuda English
Site de la "Bermuda Monetary Autorithy"

"The Royal Gazette": lots of text but the figures provided are essential and recent

Government of Bermuda-Department of statistics
"The Department of Statistics collects statistics and produces reports that paint a picture of Bermuda’s economy and society. In addition to conducting the Bermuda Census, the department regularly produces publically available reports about:

Central Bank
annual reports containing economic and financial statistics

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba dutch, english, Papamientu
Dependence Netherlands-Central Bureau of Statistics
a lot of text for some numbers 

Cuba Spanish
Oficina nacional de estadisticas (ONE)
National Office of statistics
-site comprehensive in all fields
-Note: the page geography is highly developed
Ministry of Finance and Prices
Ministerio de Finanzas y Precios

Some statistics in the current budget laws
Central Bank Spanish, english
Exchange rate-
Economic statistics: old figures
Ministry of agriculture english
Publications: monthly and annual publications that may contain statistical data

Caïman(Iles) or Cayman English
Economics and Statistics Office
-prices, employment, population, major indices
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has four principal functions:
Monetary - The issue and redemption of Cayman Islands currency and the management of currency reserves.
Regulatory - The regulation and supervision of financial services, the monitoring of compliance with money laundering regulations, the issuance of a regulatory handbook on policies and procedures and the issuance of rules and statements of principle and guidance.
Cooperative - The provision of assistance to overseas regulatory authorities, including the execution of memoranda of understanding to assist with consolidated supervision.
Advisory - The provision of advice to the Government on monetary, regulatory and cooperative matters.
Ministry of Education
See: National Education Data Reports for annual statistics

Dominica English
Invest Dominica Authority(Official website of investment promotion)
Contains a page of statistics very minimalist
The website of the Government : link to "Statistical Information on  Dominica" -Publications
Ministry of Education
Quick Stats: detailed statistics but old figures

Grenada english


Haïti French
Institut de statistique et d'informatique-Institute of Statistics and Informatics
-population and society-Census 2003
-economy: basic indicators for money
-Haiti in Numbers: overview by maps and charts
-geographic database: maps from the census
Ministère de l'économie et des finances
Many statistics in files to download (xls or pdf)
Evolution of inflation...
Banque centrale (Central Bank)
inflation rate, exchange rate, economy in graphics (to download), statistics

Department and Region of French overseas
  Regional Council website
  -Information Administrative and institutional
  -statistics budget.
  For complete figures refer to departmental data from INSEE

Virgin IslandsEnglish
British dependency: British Virgin Islands
  Government: some basic figures, sometimes old

Virgin IslandsEnglish
USA dependency: US Virgin Islands
 Bureau of Economic Research
 -publications: Annual Economic Indicators-Turism

Martinique French
Department and Region of French overseas
  Regional Council website
  -Information Administrative and institutional
  -Statistics: see INSEE website

Statistical Institute of Jamaica
Complete site and easy access
List of publications for sale
Central Bank
Inflation-foreign exchanges-statistics...
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Agriculture: Documents

Territory British Overseas
 Ministry of Finance
Statistics Department
Many documents to download (PDF)
official documentation
Statistics: budget, census

Porto Rico (Puerto Rico)  Spanish
Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States.
National Institute of Statistics
-Inventory of Statistics
-Special Studies Virtual Library
Ministry of Finance-Ministerio de Hacienda Spanish
Essentially administrative site

Républica dominicana-Dominican RepublicSpanish
National Statistics Office-Dominican Statistics Portal
Oficina nacional de la Estadistica-Portal de las Estadisticas Dominicanas
statistical, geographical, economic and social
 List of recent publications
 complete data in all fields
 geostatistics by neighborhood ( "barrio")
database online
Ministerio de Hacienda-Ministry of Finance
Site of information-some statistics
Banco central (Central Bank) spanish, english
Economic statistics-inflation-Monetary Policy...

Saint Kitts and Nevis English
institutional data 
 statistics: see "Departments" and "Statistics Department"
Consumer Price Index- Inflation rate
Balance of Payments estimates- External goods and services transactions and capital flows

Saint LuciaEnglish
Government Statistics Department-Saint Lucian Statistics
 -well presented site
 -complete and accurate in all fields
 -developed recent
 -downloadable publications (PDF)
Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security
Reports and Publications:
budgetary and financial statistics

Saint Barthélemy French
French community overseas-Official website
Some administrative and geographical information

Saint Martin French
French community overseas-Official website
administrative accounts (download)

Sint Maarten English
Dutch autonomous community sharing the same island as the French community
Department of Statistics
Many data classified by recent indicators topics

Saint Vincent and Grenadines English
Government: informations-no statistics-links to Departments
Ministry of Education
Publications: Educational Statistical Digest

Trinidad and Tobago English
Central statistical Office
-figures in all fields to download
Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance publishes a number of publications including the annual Budget Statement, medium-term planning documents, reports and papers.

Turks and Caïcos English
Department of Economic Planning and Statistics
-simple tables provide basic statistics
 -other data in publications or reports (available)


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