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The Sites Directory of Institutes, Offices, or other sources providing
Official World Statistics available on the Internet
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Rechstat-Official websites of Statistics in Asia-Pacific

Asian Development Bank
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Mongolia
Extensive battery of statistics for each country-many links with other Asian sites.
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) english
"The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a new multilateral financial institution founded to bring countries together to address the daunting infrastructure needs across Asia. By furthering interconnectivity and economic development in the region through advancements in infrastructure and other productive sectors, we can help stimulate growth and improve access to basic services. "
See Annual Reports
For countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.
      -economic indicators in member countries
      -Trade with the rest of the world
      -download charts: trade policy and tariff
Association of Southeast Asian Nations-ASEAN Statistics
macro-economic indicators associated countries
Recent figures: GDP, trade, prices ...
22 States or territories of the Pacific island states plus founding members (Australia, France, New Zealand, USA)
      -Links to development programs
      -Site Statistics Program (PRISM)
UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP)English
-statistics by Author, by Type(Category), Country, Economic sector, Subject
-Publications with full text available online or for sale
          Pacific Tourisme Organisation English
             See the list of participants and publications on the website
Central Statistics OrganizationEnglish
Demography, Economic statistics, National accounts
Ministry of Finance
A number of reports and more or less recent documents relate to the budget and taxation
Central Bank
Exchange Rates, Monetary Policy...
Australia English
Bureau of statistics
Website provided with very recent data
Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance)
-Budget-Annual Reports
Reserve Bank of Australia
Department of Education
Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment Many languages
Numerous statistics classified by topics
Tourism Statistics
Ministry of Industry
Choice by topic
Ministry of Finance
PDF files on taxes and fees
National Statistics Bureau
-demography: 2005 census
-links with other departments
Royal Monetary Authority
Exchange Rates-publications
Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
statistics placed in chronological order
Tourism council
Texts and images, few figures in the annual reports
Ministry og Industry
Reports, Publications with statistics
-government website
-few figures
Department of Economic Planning and Development
GDP-Consumer Price Index-External Trade Statistics-Foreign Direct Investment
Central Bank (
Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD)​​​​​
financial informations
Data.gov.bn is an online data platform for Brunei Darussalam open data.
Agriculture and Agrifood Department
numerous and precise statistics to download (pdf)
National Institute of Statistics
-Priced publications
Ministry of Economy and Finance English, khmer
Publications: Budget in Brief, Inflation Report, Market Place
National Bank
Statistics: exchange rates, interest rates...
ChinaEnglish, Chinese
National Bureau of Statistics Of China
-definition of statistical indicators
-under "Data" a search engine leads to a large number of data
Ministry of Education English, Chinese
Education in China-Educational statistics since 1997
Ministry of Commerce English, Chinese, french, spanish, Russian, German
Statistics on China’s Import & Export 
Foreign Investment -Foreign Trade Cooperation 
Central Bank English, Chinese
Financial Statistics since 1999-monthly updates
Ministry of agriculture Datastatistics
Numerous files classified in chronological order: institutional files and statistical files
numerous statistics but in no apparent order
North Korea English, Chinese
Government: " Official webpage of th Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)"
-DPRKorea Geography: few figures
South Korea English , Korean
Korean  Statistical Information service(KOSIS)
-extensive site 
-search by topics
Ministry of Strategy and Finance English , Korean
-economic policy: budget, tax...
-daily economic indicators
Central Bank
Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, Payment Systems, Currency
Ministry of Education
see the "Statistics" page for many figures
Ministry of agriculture
Ministry of Culture, sports and Tourism
          Many statistics, but few on tourism
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Numerous statistics but without logical classification
Fidji(Fiji) English
Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics
statistics classified by themes
publications (often paying)
Ministry of Finance
Publcations: government budget since 2004
Reserve Bank of Fiji
Key Statistics-news-exchange rate-publications
Ministry of education
basic statistics
Ministry of tourism
Annual reports (pdf): numerous statistics
Hong-Kong English, Chinese
Census and Statistics Department: Information very accessible and very comprehensive
Hong Kong Treasury
Home > Archives > Financial Statements of the Government of the HKSAR > Annual Accounts > Accounts of the Government for the year ended 31 March 2011 (Cash-based): many statistics to download (PDF)
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Market Data & Statistics
Ministry of Education
Numerous and accurate data by level of education
Ministry of tourism
Facts and Statistics: Annual reports up to 2019
Cook Islands English
Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM)
-statistics Data: complete and recent economic and social data (contains the data of the Statistical Office)

Cook Statistics Office
Many statistics, but often old
Tourism and Migrations statistics
Marshall IslandsEnglish
Economic Policy-Planning and Statistics Office(EPPSO)
site that provides data and publications
figures-but often old (dates vary according to the data)
Northern Marianas Islands English
Associated State in the U.S.
Department of Commerce, Central Statistics Division (Department of Commerce)
      -statistical yearbooks for download
      -price index, employment
Solomon IslandsEnglish
National Office of Statistics
-complete figures
-access to data by island
Ministry of Finance & Treasury
regulatory Information
National Budget, debt
Central Bank
India English,hindi
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Site comprehensive and complex including, besides the statistics, methodological and institutional records
The statistical data are collected in the CSO (Central Statistical Organization)
Census of India Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner
especially on the population of India (demographic, social, migration ...)
access to comprehensive data requires registration or payment
Census-2001 + data updated 
some pages are available in French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean!
Ministry of Finance
-include departments of Economic Affairs, of Expenditure, of Financial Service...
-Data and Statistics: Monthly Economic Report, National Summary Data Page, Central Government Borrowings, Public Finance Statistics
Reserve Bank of India
Statistics: Database on Indian Economy
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Education statistics
Department of Agriculture
Annual Report with statistics-see also the "statistics" tab
Ministry of Tourism
many statistical reports to download (PDF)
Ministry of Industry
classification by topics with statistics
Statistics Indonesia
-Access to the monthly statistical summaries
-Many indicators and graphics-comments.
Ministry of Finance
Macroeconomic Assumption 2012
Exchange rate for tax
State budget
Central Bank
Indonesian Financial Statistics
Ministry of Research and Development
statistics on higher education
Ministry of Agriculture
Database Agricultural Statistics
: indicator, commodity, location
Ministry of Industry
investment promotion site
Japan :Bank of JapanEnglish , Japanese
Financial Indicators
large amount of information.
Japan : Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) English, Japanese
Website promotion of Japanese investment
Japan : METI  English , Japanese
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry(ex-MITI)
extensive data -Easy Access
page "statistics" has many reports in chronological order
Japan: Statistics Bureau English , Japanese
The Statistics Bureau and the Director-General for Policy Planning of Japan play the central role in the official statistical system in producing and disseminating basic official statistics, and coordinating statistical work under the Statistics Act and other legislation.
Japan : Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan English, Japanese
-information per department
-search engine-statistics
-Recent data
Japan: Ministry of Finances english, japanese
-Budget statistics-Trade Statistics-Central Government Debt "Outstanding Government Bonds and Borrowings...

           Japan: Ministry of Education
          Numerous and well presented statistics by level of education
          Japan: Ministry of Agriculture
          Statistics page: reports
          Japan Tourism Agency
              Statististics online or to download (pdf)
    KazakhstanEnglish,Russian, Kazakh
    The Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    "Kazakhstan in Figures" provides access to statistics classified by themes opening on many tables
    Ministry of Economy and Finance english, kazakh
    Publications: budget in brief, Market Place, Inflation Report
    National bank
    Financial and monetary statistics
    Ministry of Education
    Documents accessible in Russian, possibly with statistical data
    Ministry of Industry
    Few accessible statistical documents, except in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet)
National Statistics Office
-usual indicators
-socio-economic indices
 -complete in all but some figures are old
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
-National budget, taxation
    Kyrgystan Russian, English
     State Committee on Statistics
    Economics, Finance, Trade
    Central Bank kyrgyz, russian, english
    balance of payments,statistics:annual reports
    Ministry of Industry
    Main macroeconomic indicators by themes and chronology
Lao Department of Statistics 
-Detailed data on agricultural production
-Recent publications pay
Ministry of Finance english, lao
Registration required to access statistics
Central Bank
Lao Financial Statistics: Montary Statistics Report, In chronological order
    MacaoPortuguese, English, Chinese
    Branch Statistics-Direcãon dos Serviços de Estatistica e Censos(DSEC) 
    -site comprehensive and fair presentation
    -Recent data: Macao in figures (tables and graphs)
    Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
    Statistics: Numerous and accurate data on all levels of education
    Macao Tourism Data
    Precise and well presented statistics
Department of National Planning
many data to download (reports or publications)
Ministry of Finance and Treasury
Data and statistics:
Government Revenue and Expenditure
Central Government Debt
Maldives Monetary Authority
Ministry of Education
Annual reports (to download-pdf) providing numerous and accurate statistics
Ministry of Tourism
the publication tab links to many precise and recent statistics
Micronesia (Federated States of)English
Federated States of Micronesia: Government
Basic information in all fields
data by state 
Economics Department: Division of statistics
-Economic indicators and basic social figures, but sometimes old
Central Bank
Department of Education
See: Education Digest: Precise and recent figures and graphs
Statistics of Tourism
MongoliaEnglish, mongolian
Mongolian National Statistical Office
-database for users
-latest news
-publications catalog (to pay)
Ministry of Finance
Budget since 2009
most of the data are in Mongolian
Central Bank
Ministry of Industry
Numerous, well presented statistics
Bureau of Statistics
-figures and indices
-demography is more developed
-downloadable publications
Central Bureau of  Statistics
In principle, a complete site, but old data
Access sometimes not easy
Ministry of Finance English, nepali
Publications: Economic Survey-Statistics of Budget
Nepal Rastra Bank
Banking and Financial Statistics
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
See"Publications"-National Education in Figures: many very accurate statistics
Ministry of Agriculture
Statistics to download (pdf)
Niue  English
Autonomous island state linked to New Zealand
Statistics Niue Office Website
Site complete with figures fairly recent
Norfolk Island English
Norfolk Island Regional Council
Many reports classified by themes providing statistics
Nouvelle-Calédonie-New CaledoniaFrench, English
Territory of French Overseas
Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISEE)
-lots of numbers (prices, wages, population ...)
Teaching and education
dedicated page of the ISEE)
See in the "Société" tab: recent and detailed data
Precise and very detailed statistics provided by ISEE
New Zealand English
Statistics New Zealand
Site very comprehensive and complex
-government finances
-monthly economic indicators
-budgets, economy, state sector, publications
Central Bank (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)
The Reserve Bank manages monetary policy to maintain price stability, promotes the maintenance of a sound and efficient financial system, and supplies New Zealand banknotes and coins.
numerous statistics on education-download files
Ministry of agriculture
statistics sites: classified data
Statistics: Statistics provided by the Government Statistical Service
Many figures and regularly updated (graphs or data to download)
Uzbekistanrussian, English,ouzbek
State Committee on Statistics
-statistical review (annual) to download
-publications (order form)
Ministry of Finance
Budget and Tax
Central Bank
Monetary Policy, Payment Systems
Industry statistics
Numerous and precise statistics classified by themes, chronology and regions
Government: Bureau of Budget & Planning, links to Statistics office
Economics, Socio-demography, Environment
Papua New Guinea English
National statistical office
-Population and Society
-figures often old
This site seems to have not been updated since 2006
Department of Treasury
Legislation and Acts-National Budget-Public Debt
Central Bank
Philippine Statistics Authority
-website very dense in all areas, with recent updates
-many publications 
Department of Finance
Statistics and economic data
See also: National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
Economic reports and databases: many recent statistics
Central Bank (
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
The BSP monitors and compiles various statistical series on monetary, financial and external variables useful for the formulation and analysis of monetary, banking, credit and exchange policies.
Numerous and precise statistics, classification by sectors
Pitcairn English
The Pitcairn Islands group is a British Overseas Territory
Government website: Some geographical data-Se also "Repopulation"

French Polynesia French
Ministry of Economy
lots of text
little numbers
Links to other departments
Institut statistique-Statistical Institute
-very specific site in all fields
Detailed data provided by the Institute of Statistics
American Samoa English
U.S. Dependence-Page Statistics of Department of Commerce
The American Samoa At-a-Glance portrays social, economic and demographic conditions of the Territory
Statistical Yearbook, US Census, Reports and statistical data for American Samoa
Samoa (Western Samoa)English
Samoa Bureau of Statistics
Statistics very comprehensive and easy to access
Ministry of Finance
Services: economics, budget, ... Recent figures
Central Bank
Ministry of EDucation
Education Statistics at the Glance
Singapore English
Statistics Singapore
Very many data in all fields
Ministry of Finance
Central Bank (Monetary authority of Singapore)
This section contains data on Singapore’s banking and insurance sectors.  Data on foreign reserves, currency statistics, exchange and interest rates, yields and prices of Singapore Government Securities (SGS) are also available for download.
Ministry of Education
Statistics page: precise and detailed reports to download
Singapore Food Agency
numerous reports containing statistics
Tourism Statistics
Accurate and detailed quarterly and annual reports
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Some key figures
Sri Lanka English
Department of Census and Statistics
-Very many data in all fields-Recent figures
-List of publications for sale
Ministry of Finance and Planning English, Sinhala, Tamil
-fiscal policy, public entreprises, state accounts
Central Bank
The Central Bank of Sri Lanka compiles and disseminates statistics relevant to its core objectives of economic and price stability and financial system stability, both as a primary source and as a secondary source of information.
Ministry of Education
Data Management Branch
"The Data Management Portal has been designed as a platform to provide all data related services of the Ministry of Education and as a gateway to the systems that are developed to function as online processes and to obtain real time data in the General Education system.
‘EduStat’ is the place where anyone can find the official statistics as well as the data on General Education system of which are gathered on 1st of June each year under School Census. If anyone needs more information that are not listed under ‘EduStat’, request can be made through the details mentioned under ‘contact us’ to obtain required details."
Ministry of Tourism
Tourism Research and Statistics
Numerous recent and detailed statistical reports
Ministry of Industrie
Precise statistics by industrial sectors (download in PDF) - publications
TajikistanEnglish, Russian, Tajik
The Statistical Agency under President of the Republic of Tajikistan
Many Data by topics
latest information
National Bank
Inflation, balance of payments, statistics
TaiwanEnglish, Chinese
National Statistics
website very well documented with recent data
Ministry of Finance
Links: National Treasury, Taxations, Customs, National Property
-financial statistics, foreign trade statistics, publications
Central Bank
Ministry of Education
Statistical Indicators (ODF format)
Council of Agriculture
Statistics page: numerous data presented in the form of graphs-annual reports
Ministry of Industry
An internal search engine provides access to the most accurate and recent data
Thailand English, thaï
National Statistical Office
Very comprehensive site with current data
Some publications are paying
Ministry of Finance
-Fiscal Info: government finance, Public Debt...
-Economic Data: Monetary Data, Key Economic Indicators...
-Economic Reports
Central Bank
Ministry of Education
Educational Statistics
Ministry of tourism
annual statistical reports: visitor arrivals
Ministry of Industry
Information by region
Thai language and script statistics
Timor-LesteEnglish, Portuguese, Tetum
General Directorate of Statistics
Surveys and indicators

Ministry of Finance
Taxation-Customs-Budget & Spending-Economics-Recent Publications
Banco central
Monetary and financial information
Statistics Unit
-demography and population tables with old figures
-downloadable reports: More recent data
Turkmenistan russian,Turkmen
 State Comittee on Statistics
census 2012
Turkmenistan in figures: Socio-economic indicators and macroeconomic
Central Bank English, Russian, Turkmen
Statistics or very little information
Exchange rate
Central Statistics Division
Statistics: economy, society, population ...
publications and report: yearly statistical report


National Statistics Office
Economic and social statistics
Census and Surveys
Department of Finance and Treasury
Quarterly Economic Reports-budget-Debt-Latest Releases
Reserve Bank
Statistical Tables
Ministry of Education and Training
Every year, the Ministry of Education and Training produces an Annual Statistical Digest that uses quantitative statistical data as the evidence base for policy monitoring and evaluation. The analysis of this report helps it planners and policy makers to make informed decisions to efficiently plan and implement our policies.
VietnamEnglish, Vietnamese
General Statistics Office
Many statistics available online, accurate and timely
List of publications for sale
Ministry of Finance
State Budget: External Statistics, Annual State Budget Report
State Bank
Current Account, Capital Account, Financial account, ...
Ministry of Education and Training
See" Reports and Statistics"
National Admininistration of Tourism
Recent and detailed statistics on foreign visitors (by months and yars) and by origin
Ministry of cmmerce and Trade
New features classified in chronological order and offering various statistics
Wallis French,English
French Community Overseas
Territorial Department of Statistics and Economic Studies
STSEE produces a wide range of Statistics. Our coverage under the theme 'economic' includes:
•Consumer Price Index
•International Trade
•Government Finance Statistics and 
•Labor statistics
In regards to 'social and population statistics' the following areas have been produced
•Education - enrolments of students
•Vital registration statistics
•General health statistics 
•Population and demography statistics
Census and survey data - are mainly selected tables whenever such events take place
Education statistics of STSEE

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