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state not recognized by international authorities
Bank of Abkhazia (Central Bank)Abkhazian, Russian, English
-Monetary Survey-Average Rates of Credits-Average Rates of Deposits
Åland IslandsEnglish, Swedish
Statistics and Research Åland (ÅSUB)
Autonomous region of Finland
ÅSUB produces official statistics in areas such as population, rents, tourism, national accounts, wages and salaries, public finances and education.
AlbaniaEnglish, Albanian
Instituti i Statistikës-Institute of Statistics)
Figures in all areas (maybe old)
Banque nationale English, Albanian
-Recent figures-price index and other financial indices (some tables available for download)
Ministèredes FinancesEnglish, Albanian
Reports and publications relating to the budget and taxation
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GermanyGerman, English
Federal Bureau of Statistics-Stadistiches Bundesamt Deutschland(DESTATIS)
-site comprehensive and current
-link to the portal statistics of the Länder
Federal Ministry of Finance-Bundministerium der Finanzen  German, English
-Many statistics on the budget, taxation ... updated regularly
-A number of reports in English provide the baseline data, the site is mostly in German
Bundesbank english, german, french
"The monetary, financial and external statistics, as well as the comprehensive sets of indicators and seasonally adjusted economic data compiled by the Bundesbank under its legal mandate cover a broad spectrum of user-oriented, prepared economic data. This multi-layered information system forms the central empirical basis, in particular, for the monetary policy decision-making process, as well as macroeconomic and macroprudential analyses."
Federal of Food and agriculture
classification by Topics-for statistics see:
Statistical Data of BMEL
The site seems very complete and precise (in German only)
Federal Ministry of health
classification by themes: lots of information but no statistics page
Federal for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Many links provide access to official statistics
Department of Statistics catalan, spanish
Complete statistics and easy access (geography, economics ...)
Database with charts
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England-see United Kingdom
ArmeniaEnglish, Armenian, Russian
National statistical Office
Essential data
Publications (download tables)
recent statistics in all areas (Tables PDF)
Ministry of Finance
Data Center: News-Publications
State Treasure System-Public Debt-Macroeconomic Indicators
Central Bank
Inflation, Exchange Rates
Ministry of Education and Science
site under construction-Some reports may contain statistics
AustriaGerman, English
Statistics Austria
the part in English is less provided that the party in German
comprehensive site with sections clear and orderly
the figures are in the form of publications to download or order
Federal Ministry of Finance
-taxation, budget and economic policy, financial sector
-federal budget
National Bank-Oesterreichische Nationalbank
see "Statistics":
OeNB, Eurosystem and monetary indicators
Interest rates and exchange rates
Financial institutions
Prices, competitiveness
Economic and industry indicators
Financial accounts
External sector
International comparisons
Government: Agricutural Statistics
Data and Facts: mostly in German
Ministry of Turism
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AzerbaijanEnglish, azéri
State statistical Committee
Demography and Social Statistics
Economic Statistics
Environment and Others
Statistical database
Geographic information system
Ministry of Finance
-state budget
-statistics: macroeconomic indices, Azerbaijan in Figures
Central Bank
Inflation, interest rates, money market
Statistics of agriculture
Extensive and up-to-date data
Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission
Site dedicated to information on the environment of the Baltic region
-environmental indicators (with maps) hydrography, pollution, biology ...
Council of the Baltic Sea StatesEnglish
-institutional records
-for statistics, see the Portal of the Baltic region which provides many links or
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Belarus Byelorussia English , Russian
Site of the President. Contains some statistical
National statisticalCommitteeEnglish, Russian
-Recent evidence
-essential statistics tabulate
National Bank
monetary and financial data
Ministry of Education English, Russian, Belarusian
Main indicators of education, statistics by level of education
Belgium Dutch, French,German,English
Federal Government Site
official information and services
National Institute of Statistics : (STATBEL) Many indexes and publications
Ministry of Economic Affairs: interesting for its numerical tables
Portal belgium.be
This section of the website allows you to find easily all the official contact info and websites.  You will find here below a list of websites and addresses that can be useful for English-speaking users. You will find an extensive list of official addresses and websites by visiting the French and Dutch section of the site
National Bank
On these pages you’ll find all publications and figures, a complete calendar with upcoming updates and a complete overview of all contact data for each statistical domain.
education indicators by year
Bosnia and Herzegovina English, Bosnian, Serbian
Federal Agency of StatisticsEnglish,Bosnian
Numerous data to download

Republika of Srpska English, Serbian(Cyrillic)
Institute of Statistics
-recent publications
-statistical fields

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Bulgaria English ,Bulgarian(Cyrillic)
National Statistical Office
comprehensive site
Ministry of Finance
-Budget since 2010
-Tax policy
-Government Debt: Many statistical documents
National Bank
Statistics: macroeconomic Indicators, rates of change
Ministry of Education and Science
Institutional information without statistics
Ministry of Agriculture
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, its regional and municipal structures conducted an agricultural census in 2003, 2010 and 2020 and sample structural surveys in 2005, 2007, 2013 and 2016 in accordance with the EU rules and requirements.
CataloniaCatalan, Castilian, English
Institute of Statistics-Web de l'Estadistica oficial de Catalunya
complete site, well presented
Commonwealth of Independent States(CEI)English
Interstate Statistical Committee of the commonwealth of the independent states(CISSTAT) 
-basic statistics for each participating country
-Priced publications
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CyprusGreek, English 
 Government Portal
Ministry of Finances
-extensive statistical data
-to enter the "Service Statistics" go to "Departments" then "Statistical Services", in this page click on one of the 2
 links proposed
Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus (CYSTAT) Greek, English
-comprehensive statistics presented by themes
-priced publications, except for archives
Central Bank
Price Indices, Interest Rates, statistics, Economic Bulletin
Ministry of Education and Culture
"The website is a useful source of information and provides access to announcements, circulars, newsletters, annual reports and statistical data. Additionally, it provides information about a variety of educational programmes and access to educational material for all levels of education." 
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Turkish, English
State Planning Organization
Economic and Social Indicators-Macroeconomic Developments-Consumer Prices Index-Building Construction Statistics
Denmark Danish, English
Statistics Denmark Many figures-many tables
Ministry of Finance
-budget outlook
-archives since 1996
National Bank
monetary policy, public debt, exchange rate, comprehensive financial statistics
Ministry of Education
institutional information, without statistics (which are provided by Statistics Denmark, see above)
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State not recognized by international institutions
Links to the ministry websites that can provide some statistics
Scottish Government statistics 
Comprehensive data classified by themes
Spain  spanish,english
National Institute of Statistics-Instituto nacional de estadistica(INE)
-comprehensive and current
-see especially: Spain in figures (tables and graphs in PDF)
Ministry of Finance spanish
 -statistics and information: taxes, budget, public finance, European funds, territorial statistical
- publications
Central Bank (Banco de España)
The Banco de España prepares and publishes statistics related to its functions. It also compiles and provides the European Central Bank (ECB) with monetary, banking and financial statistics, and figures on interest rates and the balance of payments, which are needed to implement the single monetary and exchange rate policies..
Ministry of Education
statistics page: many data and reports
Ministry of agriculture
numerous and recent statistics classified by theme
Ministry of Tourism
National and Comprehensive Tourism Plan(pdf)
Ministry of industry
Statistics and Reports
Estonia English 
Office of National Statistics-Statistics Estonia
 Very comprehensive site with recent updates
Ministry of Finance 
documentation on the budget, taxes ...
the "Economy" contains many files to download and containing statistics
Central Bank
statistics page
Ministry of Education and Research
statistics and analysis-annual analysis
Ministry of rural affairs
some quite old statistics

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Faroe (Islands)féroéen, English
Site Statistics-Hagstova Foroya
-the "Faroe Islands in Figures 2005" (PDF) provides numerous tables and graphs comparative with the Scandinavian countries
- Full-view (climate, geography, economy, society)
Finland Finnish, Swedish, English
Finland in figures (Ministry of Economy)-Statistics Finland
-extensive site 
-statistics are sorted alphabetically or by product or topic
  Ministry of Finances
The ‘Publications’ section contains publications published in the Ministry of Finance publication series.
Various Ministry of Finance documents have been compiled into the ‘Documents’ section. Documents on personnel management can be found in a separate section.
Latest publications
Latest documents on personnel management
Latest graphs and statistics:
General government financial balance in ratio to GDP, per cent 
Harmonised index of consumer prices
Graphs and Statistics
Bank of Finland (Central Bank)
The Bank of Finland is responsible for compiling Finnish data for statistics on monetary financial institutions and financial and balance of payments statistics, as determined by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank
Ministry of  Education and Culture
Institutional website - many publications that may contain statistics
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Many statistics classified by themes-publications
Ministry of Tourism
Many precise and recent statistics by "Visit Finland"
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publications with statististics
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"Statistics Georgia"  Georgian, English
site complete and recent figures
 many tables to download
 lists of publications, some available online
National Bank English, Georgian
macro-economic figures
Financial and trade statistics
Ministry of Finance
Budget: Analytical Data-Deficit-Inflation
Macroeconomic Indicators
State Budget: Government Budget of 2004-2012
Ministry of Education and Science
Institutional website - no pages dedicated to statistics
Greecegreek, English
General Secretariat of National Statistical Service of Greece
Official website of statistics very comprehensive
Ministry of Finance
-Economic Data: budget Medium Term Fiscal Strategy 2012 to 2015
Short présentation on budget 2006 to 2011
-Public Debt Data
Central Bank (Bank of Greece)
See: "statistics"
Groenland Greenlandic (Kallaallisut), English, Danish
Key figures in all fields to download (PDF)
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Gibraltar English
Government site-link "statistics" refers to the Statistics Office
-key indicators
 -price index
 -many downloadable reports
Guernesey English
States of Guernesey-UK Crown dependancy
Statistics: Government-->Fact and Figures (PDF)
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Ireland English, Gaelic
Central Statistics Office-Prìomh Oifig Staidrimh na h Eireann
-everything about this country
Department of Finance
-Budgetary and Economic Statistics: is compiled by the Department of Finance in order to make statistics for several years readily accessible, on a wide range of subjects. In the document below:
Part 1 contains budgetary statistics. Part 2 contains economic statistics. Figures in the tables may be seen to vary on occasion from those previously issued. Such variation arises from revisions made by the source agency. 
-Department of Public Expenditure & Reform - Databank
Bank of Ireland
Statistics Page: many financial and monetary information
Department of Entreprise, Trade end employment
Numerous publications, but the industry seems absent
Northern IrelandUlster)English
Government site-link "Government Departments" provides access to sites of ministries providing their own statistics
NISRA-Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
-publications and statistics in all areas but showing a little old
 -links leading to specific topics (geography, demography ...)
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Italy italian, English
Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)-Istituto Nazionale di Statistica
 all over the country
 Regional data
Department of Finance italian
fiscal statistics
see also Ministry of Economy and Finances (Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze) english, italian
changes in economic and financial situation of the country over many years
Central Bank italian, english
You can consult the Bank of Italy’s statistical database clicking on the buttons below. In particular, a good part of the Bank's statistics is also available for download under “Databases”.
Ministry of Education (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricrerca italian
see: "Dati e statistiche" (data and statistics)
Ministry of tourism italian
Recent statistics
Ministry of enterprises
For statistics, see "ISTAT"
Jersey english
States of Jersey-UK Crown dependancy
Links: Government and Administration-->Jersey and the world->Statistics Unit
-Statistics Unit reports and documents
-Jersey in Figures booklet 
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KosovoAlbanian(shqip), English, Serbian(srbski)
Kosovo Agency of Statistics
-Statistics by theme
-Latest News
-Latest Publications
-Publications (pdf) to obtain accurate statistics
Ministry of Finance
-Budget-Tax-customs-debt-reports and publications
Central Bank
Many publications provide statistics
Latvia English,Latvian
Latvias Statistika
-Many tables (GDP trends, finance, population ...); database
Ministry of Finance
-monthly survey of the Economics and State Budget in Latvia since 2006
-information about changes in wages and salaries in public and private sectors.
Ministry of Agriculture
Agriculture portal
many recent and well-presented statistics
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LiechtensteinGerman, English,french
Web portal of the Principality
-various statistics available in several categories
-in "Economy" Many complete data for download (English)
LithuaniaLituanian, English
Department of Statistics-Statistikos departamentas
-Key indicators
-Many figures and recent in all areas-tables
-database to facilitate research
Central Bank
see especially the link "statistics"
Ministry of Finance
Budget-Taxation-State Debt Management
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Luxembourgfrench, English, German
Portail des statistiques du Luxembourg-Statistics Portal of Luxembourg
-Comprehensive statistics with a simple ranking
-recent updates (news)
-Priced publications, or download (PDF)
-English version is less complete
Ministry of Finance french, english
usual sections: budget, taxation ...
  see-linked sites for more details
  Publications: Numerous figures
Central Bank
Financial and economic statistics: many reports
Ministry of Education french
Pulications-statistics and analysis
North Macedonia English, macédonian , Albanian
State statistical office
Fairly comprehensive site with recent data
Ministry of Finance
-Public Finance
-Macroeconomics Reports
National Bank
statistical page
National Statistical Office
-extensive site-search topics, indicators, publications, recent figures, links
-statistical database (register for access)
Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment
-Budget, budget estimates
-Economic Survey
-Library: annual reports
Central Bank
Page "economy and statistics"
Ministry of agriculture
Various statistics classified by departments
Ministry of tourism
Facts and Figures
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Man (Isle of)English
Government-Economic Affairs Division
-Downloadable Documents: Statistical Reports: numerous and precise data
Moldova (Republic of)English, Romanian, Russian
Official Website Statistics-Statistica Moldovei
Recent complete figures
Simple presentation (tables, graphs)
Ministry of Finance
Public debt, state guarantees and on-lending
National Bank
Monetary and financial statistics and publications
Ministry of agriculture
Statistics arranged according to cartographic criteria
Official Portal of Government of the Principality
 "Les Dossiers" provides access to reports or figures in many fields (economic, social, census ...)

MontenegroEnglish, serbian
Statistical Office(MONSTAT)
-General Data
 -monthly and annual statistics (indices) in all fields
 -downloadable publications
Central Bank English
-regular financial information
downloadable reports
Ministry of Finance
-reports on the State Debt
-Presentations and Publications: Bulletin (PDF): Economic Growth, Fiscal Policy, ...)
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National Statistical Service of NKRRussian, Armenian, English
Yearbooks since 1999: Many statistics in all areas
Publications (armenian)
Norden english, dansk, islanska, norsk, suomi, svenska
Official co-operation in Nordic region: Nordic co-operation involves Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as the three autonomous areas, the Faroe Island, Greenland and the Åland Islands.
-figures and statistics
NorwayNorwegian, English
Central Bureau of Statistics-Statistik Sentralbyra-Statistics Norway
-overview of country by topics 
-See especially: "The mini-guide to Norway" French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese
 Numerous maps, charts and graphs online or downloadable provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of country (geography, climate, environment, society, demography ...)
Ministry of Finance
"The Ministry serves as the Minister’s secretariat. It prepares documents that are to be presented to the Storting and background material and
advice for the government on issues such as economic and tax policy. The Ministry also has a number of administrative functions, implements
political decisions and is responsible for government agencies such as those dealing with taxes, duties and statistics."
-revisited national budget
-Topics A-Z
-Documents-Search by year, relevance, alphabetic
Central Bank (Norges Bank)
Norges Bank is the central bank of Norway and shall promote economic stability in Norway. Norges Bank also manages the Government Pension Fund Global. The central bank does not offer any banking services to the general public.
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Netherlands(Holland)Dutch, English
Central Bureau of Statistics-Central Bureau voor de Statistick
-tables in all fields
-documents and publications
-links to websites of ministries: finance, economy...
Ministry of Finance
tax system
Central Bank Statistics
Monetary and Financial Statistics
Ministry of industry
Nederland Business Survey
Basque CountryEuskara, Spanish, english
Statistical Office
-Official website of statistics very comprehensive
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Wales English, Welsh
Welsh Assembly Government-Parliament website
The links "Topics" and "statistics" to bring "Statswales" where many figures are provided in tables classified by topics
PolandPolish, English
Central statistics Office
Accurate data in all fields: statistical topics, regions and databases
Recent updates
Ministry of Finance
-Fiscal system
-Public Debt
National Bank (Narodowy Bank Polski)
Statistics: monatary and Financial Statistics, Exchange Rates, Inflation...
Portugal Portuguese, English
National Institute of Statistics-Instituto nacional de Estatistica
-essentials data  are paying
-the "Archives" is freely available (PDF or HTML) with figures (slightly) less recent, with a search by date and topic
Office of Strategy and Studies (Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos) Portuguese
Attached to the Ministry of Economy and Employment
-Many economic and financial statistics, chronologically or by theme (recent and accurate data) to download (pdf)
-interactive database
-publications (to order)
Central Bank
Banco de Portugal is responsible, as part of its functions, for the collection and compilation of monetary, financial, foreign exchange and balance of payments statistics, particularly within the scope of its cooperation with the European Central Bank (ECB) (Article 13 of the Organic Law).
Directorate-General for Education portuguese
statistics of exam results
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Romania Romanian, English
National Institute of Statistics-Institutul National de Statistica
Complete data in all areas (download)
Ministry of Public Finance-Ministerul Finantelor Publice
tab "Buletin MFP" refers to monthly newsletters (pdf) on the budget, reports on macroeconomic and financial developments , to reports and statistics on the evolution of public debt
National Bank
Statistics: data sets, interactive data: All financial and monetary information
Ministry of Agriculture
numerous statistics classified by theme
Ministry of touism
Archives: numerous reports with precise statistics
United KingdomEnglish
UK National Statistics : Gateway to UK National Statistics
-browse by themes
-regional statistics-links
Office for National Statistics
-statistics by themes-key statistics-brief analysis-publications-census-neighbourhood
HM TreasuryEnglish
-much of statistics and information on finance, economy, society
-exact figures and regularly updated
Central Bank-Bank of England (BoE)
Statistics: The Bank compiles and publishes a range of monetary and financial statistics. These include domestic banking statistics, external finance statistics and international banking statistics.
Department for Education
See: "Research and statistics"
Statistics of Agriculture
Annual Statistical digest of Rural England: numerous and precise data - recent updates
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Federal Statistics Service English ,Russian
very provided Base Data 
Recent and precise figures 
tables and graphs
Ministry of Finance
Many financial information
  -see "Macroeconomics" for statistics on GDP, etc.
  -data on public debt
Central Bank
inflation, foreign currency market...
San Marinoitalian, English
Ufficio programazione economica, centro elaborazione dati e statistica
Office of economic planning, data processing and statistics
-Many figures in various fields (demography, transport, welfare, labor, money, economy and tourism, education, business.
SerbiaEnglish, serbian
Statistical Office of Serbia
Database: Search by year, municipality, themes
 Priced publications
Recent indices
Ministry of Finance and Economy
-macroeconomic and fiscal data
-documents: budget
publications: Bulletin Public Finances, Serbian economic Diagram
National Bank
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Slovakia English , Slovak
National Bank:
 -financial information
 -a selection of macro-economic trends
Statistical Office
Full site and well presented often in tabular form
Ministry of Finance
Mainly documents and statistics on the budget
Minstry of Agriculture
Statistics by themes
Ministry of tourism
Annual reports with statistics
Slovenia,English , Slovenian
Statistical Office
Complete site and easy access
Ministry of Finance
•Public Finances
•Government Securities
•Taxes and Customs
•Public Private Partnership
•State Aid Monitoring
Central Bank
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Sweden Swedish, English
Statistika centralbyran-Statistics Sweden
presentation by topics
Ministry of  Finance
Publications :
Annual Report State
From the Budget Bill for 2013: Budget Statement 
Guidelines for central government debt management in 2013 
The Swedish Economy in figures
Central Bank (Sveriges Riksbank)
Statistics page
Statistics of Education
A lot of data to download
Enterprise and Industry
annual reports from 2021
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SwitzerlandEnglish, German, French, Italian, Romansh
Federal Office of Statistics: Statistics Portal Swiss
very detailed site, search by subject, database
Federal Department of Finance FDF
Dossiers on important items of FDF business can be found under "Topics", broken down by topic area. As a rule, a fact sheet forms the core of a dossier.
Fiscal Policy, Taxes, Economic, Monetary and Financial Affairs
See also: Federal Administration
Swiss National Bank
SNB data portal: On the data portal, the SNB publishes data which is of importance for monitoring the economy as well as for monetary policy; to this end, the SNB draws on external sources, such as the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.
CDIP(Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Public Education (CDIP)
In Switzerland, education and culture are mainly the responsibility of the cantons. The latter co-ordinate their work at the national level in a political body: the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Public Education (CDIP), which brings together the 26 state counselors responsible for education.
paid publications can provide statistics
Federal Office for Agriculture
See'l'agriculture en chiffres" (in french)Annual agricultural report with lots of numbers
Federal Statistical Office-Tourisme
Recent figures and reports
Czech RepublicTchèque,English
Czech Statistical Office-Cesky Statisticky Urad(CSU)
Site comprehensive and current in all fields
Ministry of Finance
-Macroeconomy-Government Financial Statistics-State Debt
Czech National Bank
Statistics: The Czech National Bank in its area of competence compiles and publishes statistics, in particular monetary and financial statistics, balance of payments statisticssupervisory statistics, financial accounts statistics, general economic statistics and government finance statistics.
Ministry of agriculture
Presentation by themes: in each of the texts contain some statistics, often old
 Tourism Indicators
Employement 2003-2020
Ministry of Industry
Numerous statistics and graphs provided by the National Office
(Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic)-State self-proclaimed, unrecognized
Supreme Council Russian, English
you can download annual statistical reports (finance, budget, taxation), the most recent being in Russian
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TurkeyTurkish, English
Turkish statistical institute(Turkstat)
Full and timely
Ministry of Finance
-Monthly and annual Reports (Budget)
-Link: General Government Finance Statistics
Central Bank (TCMB)
Ministry of Agriculture
Classification by themes (but inaccessible!!!)
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Statistics by Topics -Recent figures
Data Portal for Statistics: Industry
Many statistics to download (choice by dates, ...)
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UkraineEnglish, Ukrainian, Russian
State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
-statistical information available in different themes
-regional statistics
-catalog of publications (to order)
-Recent data
Ministry of Finance
-State Budget-Public Debt
-see also: Ukraine in Figures (pps)
National Bank
Statistics, official exchange rate, publications, inflation...
Ministry of Agriculture
VaticanGerman,English,Spanish,French, Italian, Portuguese
Official site 
-Good presentation, interesting point of view religious and cultural
Vatican City State italian
historical and geographical information, number of inhabitants
no statistics but see "popolazione" population

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